WeLikey first came about in conversation in October 2008, when a group of rather fun folks were discussing ways to more easily share best practices and new ideas across the region. After a bit of discussion, we decided the best way forward was to create an semi-unofficial blog where everyone would commit to posting at least once a week (or face incredibly annoying nagging by Ben).

The blog is simply intended to be a collection of any and all bits and bobs we think are worthy of noting – whether it’s a digital campaign or simply an incredibly useful digital tool. We’ve also implemented a few handy widgets in the sidebar, including a Tweet scanner for “adidas” (gotta pay attention to the client), along with the latest marketing headlines across Asia, and a list of our favorite trend and news sites.

Current posters across the region include:

  • Christina Buck
  • Ben Condit
  • Brandon Cheung 
  • Jessica Treherne
  • Carlos Palacios

…with more joining up soon.  Give us a shout if you’re keen to join the fun, yeah?


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