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in honor of Black Friday

Thanksgiving in my household growing up meant two things, lots of delicious food and shopping. My poor Dad suffered through the holiday season with our constant rounds of marathon shopping days. I’m missing out on all the “Black Friday” events.

Today, I was forward a link to Tobi Virtual Dressing Room – a really cool use of Augmented Reality technology – uses webcam and object recognition to merge a “physical real-world environment with virtual computer-generated imagery” (thanks wikipedia) to try clothes online before purchasing. It integrates with Facebook too just in case I can’t decide on what new dress to buy for New Years. I’m not sure I want every friend of mine commenting on my choices, so mission tonight is see if can share with only my sisters.

Tobi Virtual Dressing Room

Print out then hold up “marker” paper in front of you and your webcam.

Marker paper magically changes into a dress!

Resize and position item.

Rate clothes you “try on” by motioning your hand over the “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” icons.

Share photo on Facebook…


In honor of Halloween being around the corner

The best apple geek costume…


digital camera + build in projector =…

Shout out to Mike Fung for pointing this video out to me. Such a simple idea from Nikon camera in Japan.

Talks Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man

I really like his metaphors for the media landscape.

Good news for unorganised travelling people

So once you have your trip booked, if you are anyting like me you will have tons of scrappy emails printed out to show you where/when to go.  I’ve come across TripIt which is a site that allows you to forward all the confirmation emails and it then creates one full itenary day by day adding extras that might be useful like directions, weather, maps and also gives you buttons to thinks like online check in.  You can link it to your calendar and access it via an iphone app.

For the more complicated holidays i think this sounds like a great idea.  I just need an exciting trip to try it out now…

Test your sobriety with iPhone app

Showing some love for our guys in the Netherlands…

Marvellous, in collaboration with de-construct created an iPhone app for Grolsch aimed at promoting responsible drinking. Dubbed Walk The Line,  and launched at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands, the app uses the iPhones accelerometer to rate the user’s ability to walk in a straight line. High scores offered users a free festival photograph at the Grolsch swing-top bar, whereas a low score invites them to the bar for a glass of water.

While not an actual alcohol test, the app aims to encourage festival go-ers to think about their alcohol consumption in a fun, innovative way, as well as share the app with their friends.

A genaric version is available from the international iPhone app store.

What a van-tastic competition

Van-tastic is a competition by travel insurance firm worldnomads along with partners and is looking for 7 pairs of travellers to travel round the different states of Australia and put together a documentary.  They fly you over, kit you out with a top notch campervan and chuck in free petrol and access to tourist attractions. The 7 documentaries are then voted on by the travel community and the winner gets $10K and a pair of flights. Nice!