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Not another Best Job in the World campaign, but plenty of “buzz”

The Westword Weekly News in Denver, Colorado recently had an open job position for a Medical Pot Reviewer. Many  claim that this was “The REAL Best Job in the World” (sorry Hamilton Island and Ben Southall).  Regardless of your beliefs towards legalized marijuana, the speed and quality of job application responses are both amazing and hilarious.  Especially considering this was never intended to be a campaign.

Marketing Lesson: The right incentive to the right target audience will always get a high response rate.  (sorry, couldn’t resist)


Vodafone Symphonia

A cute little video a Kiwi friend of mine sent to me today from Vodafone New Zealand.

I find the making of videos more interesting. And it occured to me that something like this could only happen in a small market like New Zealand where there isn’t much network traffic in the early hours of the day, compared to somewhere like China or the US.  However, China does have this.

Shameless Self Promotion: Nokia Picture Story…

Hey kids – just wanted to take a moment and share with you the latest bit of work we’ve done for Nokia.

Nokia Picture Story

To promote the picture sharing capabilities of Ovi, the 6303 classic, 6700 classic, and 6600i slide phones, Isobar has put together a fun little web application that allows you to insert yourself into videos in a rather cool way.  Click on the above image to see one that I just whipped together – go give it a bash yourself!

Da Apple Kid: The Apple retail experience shines through…

Here’s an outstanding example of a brand’s retail experience shining through 100%.  Nicholi, a kid from NYC, has decided to use the Apple store as his own personal studio, recording his demo reel during store hours.  The following is his creationg, one of  a series of positively excellent lip syncing videos…such as Black Eyed Peas:  Boom Boom Pow:

Or another great song off their new album – I Got A Feeling.

You can check out all of his videos at his YouTube channel.  Nicholas, you’re getting views in Hong Kong.  Keep it up!

Whilst I’m not sure Apple quite envisioned this as a potential result of setting up a try-before-you-buy retail environment, it’s absolute gold for them.  I’m having a hard time thinking of a better story for Apple than a kid creating his demo reel in the middle of their store.

Cant touch this

To promote Hammertime the new series following the life of MC Hammer, A & E did this great little gorilla effort.  Might have been a little bit OTT as some people look very scared of the sudden invasion of gold hammer pants.

Carl’s Jr UGC videos off to a fast start

Following up on our previous post, The New Network Buy, the branded UGC vids for Carl’s Jr’s Portabello Mushroom Burger have hit the Tube-waves.  You can view them all here:

So far the videos have received 3,412,606 views in the first week of launch.  The expected viewership was set at 10 million views and we think they’re well on pace to exceed that.  After all, video responses from the community haven’t even joined in on the fun yet.

YouTube all-star, nigahiga, is leading the way with 1.2 million+ views on his creation.


We appreciate the $1 off coupon on the YouTube branded page as well.  Good for accountability and stuff.

The next big thing in gaming?

Just got wind of a new website launching this winter that gaming industry experts feel will be a real threat to consoles.  The  start-up, OnLive has created a console-less gaming system in which gamers can use their broadband connections to stream on-demand games from the likes of EA, Ubisoft and Atari to their computers or TV.


The site will also be community based, offering multiplayer gaming, sharing clips of gaming highlights (“brag clips”), and watching real-time game play.   The platform will be offered through a monthly subscription plan, and expected to be competitively priced to retail. It’ll be interesting to see how gamers will receive the site once it is launched.