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Not another Best Job in the World campaign, but plenty of “buzz”

The Westword Weekly News in Denver, Colorado recently had an open job position for a Medical Pot Reviewer. Many  claim that this was “The REAL Best Job in the World” (sorry Hamilton Island and Ben Southall).  Regardless of your beliefs towards legalized marijuana, the speed and quality of job application responses are both amazing and hilarious.  Especially considering this was never intended to be a campaign.

Marketing Lesson: The right incentive to the right target audience will always get a high response rate.  (sorry, couldn’t resist)


Twitter: The New Travel Planner

I had a particularly good experience recently as my girlfriend and I were starting to plan an upcoming trip to Los Angeles.  She opted for the more conventional method of running a few searches on Google,, and  As expected she got the standard results – a few promotions, some highly rated hotels, and a good selection of price ranges.  Not bad, but nothing you could really trust and act upon without asking around a bit more.

On the other hand, I opted to throw out this tweet to see what would come back.  Within an hour, I received 8 different recommendations coming from a mix of friends and 3rd party services.  By the end of the night, I had 15 different recommendations to choose from all with personal validations or niche customer reviews to back them.

I was particularly impressed with one travel service, Resideo, who reached out to me with the following series of tweets (in order of conversation): quick consultation, staff recommendations, single recommendation, and the soft-sell.  All signs of a well-formulated customer service strategy in social media that picks up on the exact moment of consumer demand.

While it helped that my chosen destination was in a Twitter-crazy market, what I learned was that social media can be (and will be) a very serious player in the travel planning process.  The level of service I received was spectacular compared to the robotic process of searching on travel aggregators and search engines.  The human-touch of customer service has returned to digital, when we once thought it had completely abandoned the internet.

I love the concept that we no longer have to search for products and services, because they will find us.  With the communication tools we have today, we’re not too far off from making that concept a reality.

Carl’s Jr UGC videos off to a fast start

Following up on our previous post, The New Network Buy, the branded UGC vids for Carl’s Jr’s Portabello Mushroom Burger have hit the Tube-waves.  You can view them all here:

So far the videos have received 3,412,606 views in the first week of launch.  The expected viewership was set at 10 million views and we think they’re well on pace to exceed that.  After all, video responses from the community haven’t even joined in on the fun yet.

YouTube all-star, nigahiga, is leading the way with 1.2 million+ views on his creation.


We appreciate the $1 off coupon on the YouTube branded page as well.  Good for accountability and stuff.

The New Network Buy

We always talk about taking advantage of the painfully over-used term “brand ambassadors” and yet we rarely see it put into action with any success.  Maybe because the lines are always blurry when it comes to advertising, and personal promotion.  Consumers are quick to cry foul.

Well, a new model seems to be emerging.  Carl’s Jr. and Google have teamed up to create a new form of network buy.  You could say it’s 100% for the people, by the people.  The approach is simple and transparent.  Carl’s Jr. creates a simple brief for branded content that Google distributes to it’s top content creators on YouTube.  Based on their subscriber base quantities and demographics, the team at Carl’s Jr. can reasonably expect upwards of 10 million views of this campaign.

Benefits?  Lower production cost than TVCs.  More efficient media spend.  Viral from the outset.  Consumer-centric content made from the people consumers already love (no blurry lines).  

Plus, it’s an emerging business model for YouTube to monetize.  Remember, that users cannot use YouTube for commercial reasons unless big daddy Google has a hand in the pot.  

Videos are due to go live soon.  Keep your eyes peeled here:

*thanks to Michael Nicholas for the find!

Konami cheat-code unlocks Unicorn takeover of

Nekkidben and I agree that this is the coolest thing to hit the interwebs since… ever. A rogue web developer, and an obvious former fan of Contra, decided to unleash a herd of rainbow colored unicorns on if users simply executed the famous Konami cheat-code “up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-start”

He’s probably out of a job now, but he will be forever remembered as an internet legend.

Honda Insight – Let It Shine

If you thought the Samsung LED sheep were cool, check out this super-slick execution from Honda. Props to Vimeo for letting them “own the page.”

Purposely not embedded because the full-experience is best viewed on the Vimeo page! (Thanks to Dwayne @wwwinsHK for the link)

Extreme sheep herding – by Samsung

Sheeps. LEDs. A very dedicated herding crew. No further explanation needed. Just watch and enjoy.

5 million plus views and counting….