Twitter and Real-Time Search Contendors

Despite the fact that Twitter is first and foremost a microblogging service, its search functionality is increasingly becoming used as a barometer for trends. From the recent demonstrations in Iran to the avalanche of collective expression of loss following the death of Michael Jackson, Twitter has proven itself as an invaluable resource for real-time news and search results. However, Twitter was straining under the weight of the tributes to the star, and disabled their search and trending topics functionalities in an effort to stay afloat.   This isn’t the first time.  All this stress the news placed on Twitter’s system as well as its search function is limited to the site only, this does not bode well for Twitter’s prospects as a ‘real-time’ search engine.

So here are a couple of the best ‘real-time’ search services I’ve seen so far:

Collecta screenshotCollecta : Launched just this month,  it seems to be one of the fastest real-time search engines out there.  Collecta is effective in tracking events as they happen, gathering photos, videos, status updates, tweets, news articles, and blog entries as items are posted, continuously updating results as event happen.

Crowdeye screenshotCrowdEye : Another recently launched service.  The intention of CrowdEye is to both sort real-time information and make it more meaningful for users by giving greater context to results with graphs, categorized search terms, highlighted links, as well as displaying recent tweets.


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