Google services (partially?) blocked in China…

Following up on the Guardian article yesterday, we’re still getting mixed reports of Google outages around China.  Jake from the Guangzhou office says it’s working perfectly, yet there are still widespread comments on Facebook and MSN of other people having issues.  Presumably this is the government punishing Google for not self censoring themselves last week.


The rumors of outages have ranged from the entire day for all services, to a couple hours here and there, depending on the service.  This of course adds to the already banned YouTube, which became inaccessible in China more than a month ago.

We’ll apparently have to do a bit more investigation.  Check out the Guardian article here.


One response to “Google services (partially?) blocked in China…

  1. It’s a warning from the Chinese gov’t for search engines to censor pornography. See the article from DigitalMedia:

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