The New Network Buy

We always talk about taking advantage of the painfully over-used term “brand ambassadors” and yet we rarely see it put into action with any success.  Maybe because the lines are always blurry when it comes to advertising, and personal promotion.  Consumers are quick to cry foul.

Well, a new model seems to be emerging.  Carl’s Jr. and Google have teamed up to create a new form of network buy.  You could say it’s 100% for the people, by the people.  The approach is simple and transparent.  Carl’s Jr. creates a simple brief for branded content that Google distributes to it’s top content creators on YouTube.  Based on their subscriber base quantities and demographics, the team at Carl’s Jr. can reasonably expect upwards of 10 million views of this campaign.

Benefits?  Lower production cost than TVCs.  More efficient media spend.  Viral from the outset.  Consumer-centric content made from the people consumers already love (no blurry lines).  

Plus, it’s an emerging business model for YouTube to monetize.  Remember, that users cannot use YouTube for commercial reasons unless big daddy Google has a hand in the pot.  

Videos are due to go live soon.  Keep your eyes peeled here:

*thanks to Michael Nicholas for the find!


One response to “The New Network Buy

  1. Got the link wrong on this post. You can find all the videos here:

    Or read more about it here:

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