T.I.A (This Is Asia)

I was in Malaysia the other day at a regional group hug. Got to meet a bunch of interesting folk, I think it was in Erica’s search presentation where she (or someone else) mentioned that for a little while the Chinese government was redirecting traffic from google to baidu. apparently this did happen.

“Domains containing the word “search” in China were hijacked yesterday… pointing to search engine Baidu (and partly, another government website). Competition that was redirected this way included Microsoft Live.com (because results are showing on search.live.com), Yahoo.com (results are on search.yahoo.com), and Google Blog search (blogsearch.google.cn).”

I remember laughing and thinking “only in China” Later during the week I read a newspaper article about the pro-smoking “official” campaign read more about that here.

Again i remember chuckling and thinking “only in China.” and the week before I was in Thailand and I spoke to a friend about the recent political problems and he commented that despite them people were still partying in the streets for the thai new year. For those of you who dont know in thailand they celebrate the thai new year with what can only be described as a nation wide water fight check out pics on flickr Iagain i had a little chuckle and thought only in Thailand would something like that happen.

and during the regional group hug Dan  showed us some great case studies of work from asia. and a while ago Crack unit posted some great examples of Japanese digital stuff.  

Soooo I thought I would try something…..

Can everyone please leave comments, links, pics, casestudies, insights, thoughts anything really that you find interesting, unique, cool, fun, wonderful about asia. If you have pics or files send them carlosdotpalacios@caratdotcom

If I get a good response ill take all the feedback and create a presentation or something…

It could be something good/fun to give to clients (or anyone who doesnt understand asia) so perhaps we might stop people assuming that facebook will work in China!!

Go on its Friday afternoon!!


11 responses to “T.I.A (This Is Asia)

  1. James Smyllie

    I really liked it when I was in Seoul and the Incheon bus driver bowed to the passengers of the bus before driving us into town.

    Then heading home I got to the Cathay Pacific check-in desk uncharacteristically early so saw it open. Neatly dressed Korean ladies fanned out to their desks. At the advertised time of 16:30 on the dot, they all bowed and began the check-in process.

    Awesome and only in Korea or Japan.

  2. Certainly not unique, cool, fun or wonderful. But certainly very Chinese – as at now (afternoon Mar 15) this blog is blocked in China (actaully all of wordpress).

  3. okay…. here’s… hot… hot from HK (tho. it might be a bad case…)

    “Donald Tsang Your View on 64 is NOT my view” on facebook.

    How quickly people feedback to political discussion in SNS. application, comics sharing… ANd waiting to see if facebook will be able to bring him down.

  4. It wouldn’t be Asia if there is no mention of illegal downloads or “cloning”, so firstly: iPhome clone: http://www.clonedinchina.com/2009/05/fake-iphone-with-real-os-x.html
    Secondly: Car cloned from Mazda, which apparently CANNOT be a clone because the price point is different? What?: http://www.clonedinchina.com/2009/05/haima-m2-a-mazda2-clone.html
    Finally, a man arguing that he has cloned a panda on a dog chasis: “Panda is rare and none of us can own one privately, but we can make one for ourself “ – brilliant: http://www.clonedinchina.com/2009/04/even-dogs-are-startled-by-this-panda-dog.html

  5. breadandrosesquiz

    A couple for you –

    This is a nice social experiment going on in Singapore – post it notes with messages left in random places:

    Custom QR code for Louis Vuitton

    More as and when I find them!


  6. Apparently the popular micro-blogging service, Plurk, was blocked in China recently. http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/04/23/china-blocks-micro-messaging-site-plurk-is-twitter-next/

    No particular reason was given for the block, but the community generally believes it’s the freedom of speech element that is not liked by the government. Or as Wayne from SH said, it’s likely because Plurk listed Taiwan as a separate country in their region profiling. Never a good start to get in good with “the man.”

  7. here are the latest results from the tokyo interactive awards:

    loads of great examples and case studies here. thanks to my CDs Dwayne and Kevin for the link!

    for the same reasons Crack Unit mentioned in his blog post about Japanese interactive work, it’s clean, simple, and always culturally relevant.

  8. breadandrosesquiz

    Also, as someone mentioned in KL, check out Sunsilk Gang of Girls, for India & the Philippines:


    (Sorry that I’m signed in as Breadandrosesquiz – long story!)

  9. cheekycarlitos

    hello kitty
    chop sticks
    vending machines with girls underwear
    dim sum
    children’s day in thailand

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