The next big thing in gaming?

Just got wind of a new website launching this winter that gaming industry experts feel will be a real threat to consoles.  The  start-up, OnLive has created a console-less gaming system in which gamers can use their broadband connections to stream on-demand games from the likes of EA, Ubisoft and Atari to their computers or TV.


The site will also be community based, offering multiplayer gaming, sharing clips of gaming highlights (“brag clips”), and watching real-time game play.   The platform will be offered through a monthly subscription plan, and expected to be competitively priced to retail. It’ll be interesting to see how gamers will receive the site once it is launched.


2 responses to “The next big thing in gaming?

  1. Onlive really looks great. I can’t wait til the E3 to see what they present there!

  2. OnLive will have to work through some major technicals issues surrounding lag, bandwidth connectivity, and absolutely massive server costs.

    That said, it’s got some very smart, proven folks behind it. Pretty curious to see how it goes, although expect a rocky road the first three years after launch at least.

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