Foam + logos = Flogos

Flogos are flying foam logos that can go as far as 30 miles and as high as 5,000 feet.  Though they only last 30-40 mins.  I was once on a beach in Aus and I was amazed to see ‘call mum’ written in the sky by a plane…turned out to be an ad for Telstra which I thought was quite smart.  I guess this one is limited to logos or shapes but still- its unexpected which is nice.


One response to “Foam + logos = Flogos

  1. Thank you so much for blogging about our new product Flogos. It has been and is proving to be quite a roller coaster ride introducing this product to the world. It is a trend that is building like a tidal wave and there are some exciting events just around the corner. Please feel free to follow along on our blog at and check out our demo videos and stills at

    Michael Willett
    Snowmasters Georgia

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