eDM = toilet roll = optimising?


Got a email from a Japanese friend recently. He forwarded me an eDM that is probably the longest I have ever seen. The logic of eDM design has long been debated and many I met have still fail to grasp the fundamentals on it.

There are some suggestions here for all to digest. You can add on the list :

– Clever copywriting that doesn’t have to be longwinded and going straight to the point

– Keeping main important information above the screen fold (I know its hard, but maybe limit it to 400 pixels?)

– Link your lengthy T&Cs / disclaimer to your website. For crying out loud, users can link it to those pages at one click

– Make use of links to direct readers to complicated information on the web page

Or if you think that by forcing all the information into 1 eDM helps to reduce spams or optimising cost of design, think again. It might be printed out in a toilet roll (long enough) as design motifs. They might spray some cheap perfume on it? Maybe?


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