Music + Clouds x GUI = Lala

I adore this.  Just got forwarded this article on a new-ish music start up called Lala.  


Essentially, they have pretty much every song ever recorded on their servers, ready to stream at any time.  You can play all of these songs for free, exactly one time only.  After this, you need to pay 10 cents, which allows you unlimited streams of that particular song.  Essentially they’re just like, but paid.  Doesn’t make sense at first, until you get to this fantastic little concept…  

You can install their client app, which will identify every MP3 you have on your computer already, and grant you streaming access to play them via the service.  

Oh yes.  It means I could potentially now have access to my 6,600 song strong music library from any connected device!  No more syncing iPods playlists, no more worrying about my hard drive crashing (knock on wood), no more hassle of iTunes and it’s terrible user interface.  What Facebook has done for all the contact info for my friends, Lala could do for my music.  

The only (major) downer for now however is the dumb US-only restricting they’ve got in place at the moment.  This absolutely kills the service for me, and quite a large segment of folks who travel a great deal and would find this type of always on / always available service fantastically useful.  :-/

Like Pandora, which I positively loved until they similarly removed access for international users, this sounds like a potentially killer app, assuming they can work out the (presumable) licensing fees.  

Come on Lala, get it working already!


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