High Fashion in hype fashion

The advantage of working in the marketing department of a high fashion brand is that they can afford not to work so hard to get recognition and publicity. The not so good news is that in fashion, one day you are in, the next day, you are out.

I have the honour to steal an invite to a spring / summer launch collection show for a high fashion brand in the most exclusive hotel in an island. Not that I am Heidi Klum, I am actually buried at the back of the show and maybe to steal a glance at the hat the model wore because I am such a short fart.

Since then, I have been searching high and low for news on the fashion show i went to, hoping to see more than the hat i saw. Or at least people bitching about the socialites who attended the show. Not much sound heard though.

Talking about hype, the biggest news in the world would probably be something call social media. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, all the original forms of spreading the news in a nonchalant fashion. I even saw a girlfriend announcing her pregnancy on Facebook today. Maybe our high fashion brand could consider using the sexy social media to spread some fashion gospel. It wouldn’t undermine them on hard selling the brand, but to spread the words softly like fire.

One day, we might see the marriage of high and hype fashion who will live happily ever after. But meanwhile, I will continue to chase my fashion dream to put myself on the front row of a fashion show one day.

(Ps – I will wear a hat)gucci


One response to “High Fashion in hype fashion

  1. looking forward to read more! keep coming!

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