“What do giant robots, tentacled monsters and Hello Kitty have in common?”

All are far less scary to the Japanese than the internet. All according to Marsh Research via an eMarketer article I read today. And no it wasn’t an April Fool’s Day joke.

Totally reminded me of one of my favorite sites, whatjapanthinks.com and now that I think about it, I read the same results a week or so earlier on the site.

The site makes my inner statistician happy. It’s also a good resource for insights into the Japanese consumer as it publishes translated Japanese research surveys on such wide ranging topics as consumer habits and views of online shopping to pot noodle consumption to what women’s habits men find most annoying to conteplating the cuteness and appeal of Hello Kitty.

I personally don’t think the internet is scary, more vexing at times, especially if multiple pop ups appear or when I’m trying to upload/download documents which fail right at the last minute.


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