Hong Kong 7s

Weekend of the Hong Kong 7s has just past. last year we saw Guinness launch a speaking mobile application which was one of my fav executions of last year. ticket all the boxes of brand utility etc. if im not mistaken it also won a few Kam Fans. But 1000 downloads is an ok number but not that great. Anyways I was hoping that this year we would see a new app being launched and i was hoping for GPS, infra-red, hangover curing mobile greatness! but unless im mistaken (and i did spend the majority of the 7s in the south stand so this is a possibility) nothing was launched. Is this a credit crunch move? did guinness just withdraw from sponsorship i honestly cant remember if they are still an official sponsor?  Despite critical success is 1000 downloads seen as failure?


4 responses to “Hong Kong 7s

  1. if 1000+ downloads is all they received, they definitely got more WOM about the concept than the actual uptake of the application. i think the device compatibility issue is a tough one to tackle and likely a key factor in why download numbers weren’t a raving success. creatively they were spot on.

  2. Yeah – the fact you couldn’t easily share the application with friends via Bluetooth, etc was a bit annoying on that one.

    My understanding was that they were doing a new app this year, but I didn’t see anything about either.

    Guinness was definitely a sponsor again.

  3. cheekycarlitos

    Yeah i think one of the biggest problems was distribution. From our experience we have always been told sharing by blue tooth doesnt work because you cant share between different devices. You then have issues around DRM, which is another pain. But in this case it could have been something as simple as a corporate policy of having to be 18 in order to “interact” with the brand (like most booze companies have on their websites) In anycase i think they could have found ways around these distribution issues 2nd time around. My feeling is that when times are tough people go back to what they “think” is safe. and this was a victim of the credit crunch. Someone should just email hyperfactory and ask them to put us out of our misery!!

  4. Didn’t see a Guinness one….CX had one which tied in to other things they were doing….very lame…lots of text, food/drinks choices and integration with Google maps but hardly anything that was *truly* useful for the pissed Rugger fan….and nicely branded as ‘CX Mobile’ – half of the comments were ‘I thought I could check flight availability or check-in’ etc which is logical in that the app said nothing about being a 7s item only….

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