Transparency will always get you in the end…

Honesty. Authenticity. Transparency.

In every client pitch, we talk about how critical it is for a brand to actually deliver on their promise. When a brand lies, these days, they will be called out publicly. There is a phrase that’s in a few of our pitch decks – “the deer have guns”. What’s really changed is their ability to communicate with each other and organize.


Take the current CNBC / Jim Cramer versus Jon Stewart debate. Here was a situation that CNBC created for themselves – selling themselves as a network of financial experts. As soon as they were called out, they had no recourse – the only option was to meekly admit they were wrong. Instead, they attempted to fire back, claiming they were unfairly portrayed. Sadly for them, YouTube knows all, and the digital footprint left by years of poorly worded promos and unfortunate claims by their “experts” did them in.

Five years ago, this would have come and gone, they’d have take their licks, and the world would move on after a week.

Now, unfortunately for CNBC, people are banding together, using every 2.0 trick out there. A quick Google search shows the number of negative CNBC posts continues to increase. Check out Twitter and search “CNBC”. The cause even has a website: Petitions are being signed. The digital footprint grows larger with no end in sight.

Be honest. You’ll be glad you were.


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