I have a problem with dumb ideas…

Dr. Joseph Lam, International Director
World Children’s Fund – Hong Kong

Hi Joseph,

I understand that in this economy, donations are probably down, so you’re doing everything you can to bring in the money. I’m all for that. You are a worthy cause. Kids need help. Really, I get it.

What I don’t get is you sending me a direct mail like this:

What were you thinking?

What were you thinking?

To begin with, why on earth send me a free gift? Sure, it was probably donated, but seriously, can you not spend whatever this product donation was worth on helping kids? Not to mention, I’m a guy. And you’re sending me a heart shaped locket?

Yes, you got my attention, but in a very bad way. I’m honestly quite concerned as to how you’re spending funds in general if you’re putting out campaigns like this! Enough so that I question donating any money to you – and I think you’ll be incredibly hard pressed to find anyone who received this package favorably?

In the future, I beg of you, think before you send out another direct mail like this. Ask yourselves, are we spending our marketing budget effectively? Is this the most efficient way to encourage donations? Do we have a website that allows for instant donations to our cause? Do we have a Facebook application that people can add to their profiles – something that shows how much money we’ve donated? Maybe encourages a little competition amongst their circle of friends? Do we try using emails instead of costly direct mail envelopes?

Please guys, the economy is tough enough as it is, and you’ll need every dollar you can possibly get. If you’d like to have a chat, I’m always available. Consider this a free invitation to our next workshop?



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