Music videos – making a comeback or creating a reverse Napster?

Ok, so this is mostly an excuse for me to post this video I first saw on, but damn, it’s sweet enough to present here. Whilst it’s obvious enough, music videos are making a definite comeback with the easy online distribution available on the YouTubes of the world. Note that I really would never have listened to the track without this video…and now I’m hooked on it.

Watch in high quality for the full experience. Seriously.

The twist however, involves the recent blocking of videos across YouTube UK over revenue share disputes with the Performing Rights Society in the UK. YouTube’s (rather weak) argument: “We lose money streaming these videos, record labels make money from the promotion of the music tracks. We want some of that money.”

More here:

It’s almost like YouTube’s business model is inherently flawed. Hrm.


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