The art of re-tweeting, and why you should care…


David Armano has another solid post up on his blog examining the art of re-tweeting.  Essentially all this means is getting people to re-broadcast your tweets to their own subscribers.  The more this happens, the higher up the list and the more influence you gain within the Twitter community.  Upon closer examination of the top folks in the list it becomes apparent they’re there because they actually supply quite valuable information within their tweets.  Duh, right?

While many a marketer is worrying about ensuring they’ve got a “Tweet This” button on their site and that they’ve got a strategy for dealing with it, all you really need to do as a brand is provide a solid service that your consumers find valuable.  Sure you want to make it easy for them to tell their friends, but as David points out – it’s not only about the network you use but about the value you provide.  

Which is a really long way of saying once again, “Be useful.”  Nice.


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