Soundtrack to your life – RjDj (a digital drug!)


I think it was Flyguy in the 1988 blaxploitation movie ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka‘ who said “Every superhero’s got to have theme music”. 

Now, for all budding super heros out there, an iphone app has come along which lets you have just that. RjDj let’s you create your own music on the move and let’s your surroundings influence what you hear. If you are walking through the city and a police siren or car horn goes off, your iPhone microphone will pick that sound up and overlay it onto the track that you are listening to. The application can also use the iPhone accelerometer to detect movement (dancing) and alter the speed and volume of the beats to match your movement.

The tracks that the app uses are known as themes and are currently fairly limited in number, but RjDj are encouraging the community to create and share more. I guess it’s only a matter of time before we see branded themes. 

RjDj see what they do as a new music genre that they describe as ‘reactive’. In their words…..

RjDj is mainly listened to with headphones. Think of it as the next generation of walkman or mp3 player. The listening experience of RjDj is similar to the effects of drugs. Drugs affect our sensory perception, so does RjDj. RjDj is a digital drug which causes mind twisting hearing sensation.

Still no idea what it is? Watch this video for a good explanation.

Personally I think this could be the start of something massive. The music scene has been waiting for a real, new genre for far too long and maybe this is the start of one. Who knows, but it could be music’s answer to the citizen correspondent, making music creation accesible for everyone. Or it could just be a series of annoying bleeps. 

BTW – apologies for the irrelevant shoe-horning in of one of my personal favourite movies, but if you haven’t seen ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka’, it’s worth 90 minutes of anyones time.

How much for 1 rib

The pimp of the year clip is also worth a watch if that pops up


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