A Storm?

So finally the Blackberry does something about the iPhone. Somehow folks seem to think that funky names might just kill the iPhone like Instinct or Diamond or Dare or Chocolate or Viewty (whatever that means). Two features of the Storm that are expected to be improvements on the iPhone are the 3.2 MP camera with video functionality and the whole touch system itself. 

On any touch phone, you don’t get any force feedback like in the case of an Xbox or a PS. So the Storm has got some form of it instead of using an annoying buzz sound. 

But that’s about all it seems is good about it. There’s no wi-fi and the battery sucks. Now why do we find this familiar? 

Give me the good old fashioned Blackberry anyday. I can throw it, get it run over, and still catch my e-mail.

The New Blackberry Storm

The New Blackberry Storm


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