Web 2.0 comes to gaming





The world of gaming has gone all web 2.0 on us with the release of LittleBigPlanet.

The game has been developed by Media Molecule and published by Sony who claim it is the first instance of a community of gamers being able to build their own versions of a major console game.

Little Big Planet lets players guide a character named Sackboy through a series of levels which can also be created by and shared amongst the community of LBP players. Players can build their own levels and weapons and can even insert textures (known as “stickers”) into the game based on images they have captured and uploaded themselves. Theoretically we could download a level and see pictures of nekkidben staring back at us. What a thought!

There are clearly issues surrounding the instant publication of unmoderated images accessible to anyone including children, but the stance that the game producers are taking is one of self policing of the community. We shall see how that works, but it seems clear that this is probably just the beginning of a trend in community created gaming that we will see more and more of.


2 responses to “Web 2.0 comes to gaming

  1. Part two is even more impressive:

    Brilliant! I might just buy an PS3 after watching this…

  2. …or rather, after watching the second video, watch this one:


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